Be a BioQuest Explorer and Put Coffs on the Biodiversity Map

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Whether you see yourself as Sir David Attenborough or Dora the Explorer you can help map our local amazing native creatures and vegetation by taking part in the fun Australian Councils’ BioQuest hunt.

Using the free QuestaGame mobile app, your challenge is to find and/or identify the most interesting animals, insects, plants and other living things you can, right here on the Coffs Coast.

The Coffs Harbour local government area is currently sitting in fourth place in this friendly competition between participating councils – behind Adelaide, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast – so we need more explorers to get out and about between now and the end of April!

Get your family, friends, school or community group together and join the BioQuest to explore, observe and photograph the amazing diversity of nature in our region. Upload your photos to the app and a waiting team of scientists will rank your discovery. Every discovery scores points for the explorer and the region!

Remember, no touching – just take photos in safe locations such as your backyard, local parks and gardens, at the beach, or on a bushwalk. This way you won’t risk any harm to yourself, or to the amazing thing you have discovered.

So download the app and get involved. It’s that easy! Together we can make a difference, explore nature, have fun and help Australia better understand and protect its precious biodiversity.

Go to the following link to learn more and download the app – or The BioQuest hunt is on throughout April 2021.


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