Welcome to Aussie Street – Permaculture Legend David Holmgrem is coming to Coffs

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If you cherish the beauty of this place we call home and are ever keen to learn more practical hands-on ideas and tips for living more sustainably that you can put into action, in your own home, then it is time to get very excited!

David Holmgren is the co-originator of the permaculture concept (along with Bill Mollison) and one of Australia most renowned educators in sustainable living.  Author of over 17 influential texts – from the world-changing Permaculture One in 1978 up to 2018’s RetroSuburbia: the downshifters’ guide to a resilient future.  David’s work has a global reach having been translated into over 10 languages and in 2014 was inducted into the prestigious and influential Green Lifestyle Awards Hall of Fame.

With great excitement, Coffs Harbour City Council’s Sustainable Living program welcomes David to Coffs where he will be presenting a very special event that showcases some of his most recent inspirational work and ideas.

A yarn that journeys from the quarter acre block of the Aussie post war dream, through the decades of rising affluence and suburban decadence to the abrupt reality of a trajectory we can no longer maintain,  Aussie Street will inspire and arm you with ideas and knowledge to live with lower environmental impact in our modern suburban landscape.

A riveting multimedia event, Aussie Street cleverly brings Holmgren’s RetroSuburbia ideas into our everyday lives, using 100+ photos and water coloured illustrations and practical concepts from his exciting most recent book.

From Costa Georgiadis’ foreword from Holgrem’s Retrosuburbia book:
“This book is a dance, a tango between our habits and our actions, our visions and our intentions. RetroSuburbia boldly renovates what we know as our safety net and replaces it with an action plan; planning for the worst and hoping for the best. The answers are in the everyday. Let the transformation and retrofit begin.”

Aussie Street – Resilient Futures with David Holmgren

Monday 10 May Coffs Central (upstairs)

5.30-8.00pm (Doors open 5pm)

This is a family friendly event children welcome. Supper included.

Tickets available online $15 Adults $5 Children (3+-16yrs).

Visit www.ourlivingcoast.com.au to book your place.

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