Call Out for Positive Ageing Committee Members

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Coffs Harbour City Council is calling out for members to join the Positive Ageing Advisory Committee.

Positive ageing is about getting the most of life, remaining fully active, empowered and in control of our lives. Coffs Harbour City Council acknowledges a thriving, connected community is one in which older members have opportunities to be in the best possible health, to be active and to play a vital role in our community. To help enable this, Council is implementing a positive ageing strategy that supports the community into the future. Council is establishing a committee to assist in guiding our activities.

The role of the committee is to help facilitate the Council’s Positive Ageing Strategy 2020-2024, helping people to enjoy the benefits of living longer. A strong Positive Ageing Strategy requires a collaborative approach to provide the best outcomes for the community.

Coffs Local David Hargreaves supports the formation of new positive ageing committee because it will give the older community members a say in the age-friendly future of Coffs Harbour LGA.

“We need to understand that the aging process is what it is, but it changes from generation to generation and people that are my age now, in 2021, are very different to when my father was sixty.

“Life has so much more to offer for people that are in my generation these days than it did back then.

“It’s about exploring that, sharing that and letting other people understand what these options are.”

The council is committed to supporting the active participation of older people within our community on issues relevant to policies, programs, events, facilities and services that impact on the quality of life of older residents living in the Coffs Harbour region.

The Positive Ageing Advisory Committee membership consists of the following:

8 Community Members
4 Community Organisations
1 Councillor
1 Government Entity

To apply, visit:

Read the CHCC Positive Ageing Strategy 2020-2024:

For more information visit:

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