Sites of Transformation

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David Tucker and pipes

The alchemy and process of turning clay into durable objects is the subject of a new exhibition at Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery by the award-winning artist and sculptor David Tucker.

‘Sites of Transformation’ explores the connection between the natural and the created through the medium of clay.

“David has lived in Dundurrabin for over 40 years, and is a self-taught artist,” said Cath Fogarty, Council’s Gallery Coordinator.

“His sculptural works reference the body, nature and the processes that all living things participate in – consumption, production, and ultimately, transformation.

“He works with a number of materials including wax cast to bronze, cast polyurethane and wood. Introduced to clay about 20 years ago, he found the direct contact between hands and clay compelling.

“This exhibition showcases David’s talent with clay, offering an intriguing collection of brightly-coloured ceramic forms reminiscent of engine parts or laboratory equipment.”

David Tucker (pictured above with one of the artworks featured in the exhibition) won the 57th Blake Prize in 2008 and the Manning Regional Art Prize in 2015.

He has had a number of solo exhibitions in regional galleries, but this is his first exhibition at Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery.

‘Sites of Transformation’ will be accompanied by the second curated set of the recently-donated ‘Robert and Janice Hunter Collection’ of Aboriginal artworks by 30 artists from Central Australia, the Kimberley and Arnhem Land.

Robert Hunter spent 15 years acquiring this collection of Aboriginal art, which he has now generously given to the Regional Gallery to inspire others to learn more about the stories and living cultures the artworks represent.

See ‘Sites of Transformation’ at Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery from 28 November 2020 until 16 January 2021. Visit:

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