Public Safety Improvements at Airport

3 years ago | by

A pedestrian crossing has been installed between the terminal building and the main carpark at Coffs Harbour Airport to improve public safety and access for people with limited mobility.

“With fewer passengers and vehicles coming and going from the terminal due to COVID-19, we took the opportunity to address a long-standing safety issue over people crossing the road at multiple places, which has led to a number of near misses,” said Glenn Robinson, Airport Manager.

“We have also had problems with people over-staying their time in the pick-up/drop-off laneway, which has meant that people who need assistance to get in or out of vehicles have had to wait for extended periods.

“So we have installed a raised and sign-posted pedestrian crossing that also improves access for people with prams, wheeled suitcases and limited mobility as they no longer have to negotiate ramps to get across the road.

“Taxis, delivery vehicles and people requiring mobility assistance will continue to be able to use the pick-up/drop-off lane at the front of the terminal building, but all other vehicles will be directed to the carpark.”

The main carpark in front of the terminal building has a free parking period.

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