Business Inspections Remain Focused on Public Health

3 years ago | by

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As COVID-19 restrictions ease and more dining options become available, Coffs Harbour City Council’s Food Business Inspection Program is also returning to normal.

“With public safety in mind we’re restarting the full food business inspection program, but we will continue to waive fees for businesses that are doing the right thing as far as food hygiene on their premises is concerned,” said Robert Percival, Council’s Section Leader Compliance Regulatory Enforcement.

“However, where we come across operators that are breaching the regulations around safe food preparation and hygiene, we will be serving Improvement Notices, issuing penalties where appropriate and also levying related inspection fees.”

Regular inspections of public swimming pools and skin penetration businesses such as tattoo parlours will also return to normal.

“With regard to parking, we would continue to urge people to follow the parking signs in commercial precincts as regular turnover in parking spaces is important in helping support local businesses,” added Mr Percival.

Formal warnings are being applied in some cases of people overstaying parking time limits, but normal rules are expected to restart for breaches in the New Year.

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