Welcome Back Oztag! (22 October 2020)

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Oztag 2018-2021 agreement signing

I was so excited by the announcement that the Senior State Oztag Championships which were postponed by the COVID-19 pandemic are now going ahead at the end of the month.

This is great news for the local accommodation and hospitality businesses.

We regularly host four major Oztag events and these events attract around 13,000 players and more than 22,000 spectators. The players and supporters who come for these tournaments stay for nearly 100,000 nights in total, which adds up to a $15m annual economic benefit to our community.

So even one major tournament is going to inject a lot of much-needed revenue into our region.

And, to help reassure you, Australian OzTag has been working with Council for months to develop best practice COVID Safe plans for the upcoming Championships, in accordance with current NSW Government health regulations and guidelines.

Australian Oztag have been very willing to cooperate and modify the format of the event to help safeguard the health of players, supporters, officials and the broader Coffs Coast community.

Visitors Were Welcome.

And speaking of visitors, wasn’t it fantastic to see so many people here in the recent school holidays. I was also very happy to see that the Police weren’t having to deal with incidents of people not following the social distancing advice.

But please, let’s not get complacent. Please keep up the social distancing and hygiene advice from the NSW Health authorities. Outbreaks can happen very fast, so please do your bit to help keep everyone safe.

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