Odour Issues Being Investigated

3 years ago | by

Council staff are continuing to actively investigate an odour issue being experienced by residents living in the south eastern part of Woolgoolga.

Council has been receiving complaints of an increased odour since mid-September. It was believed initially that the complaints related to construction works on sewer infrastructure in Nightingale Street and an operational issue at Woolgoolga Water Reclamation Plant – both of which occurred at around this time.

“However, complaints about very intermittent odour episodes have continued and we wanted to reassure affected residents that we’re still actively investigating possible causes although we’re unable to pinpoint an odour source at this time,” said Mick Raby, Council’s Director Sustainable Infrastructure.

“The Reclamation Plant by its nature will always generate some odours, but it’s running normally and odour levels should be the same as they have always been. As an added precaution, we have also been undertaking deodorising activities at the Plant site.”

Council is continuing to inspect all aspects of the sewer network – including the Plant, pump stations, private sewer connections, nearby waterways and commercial temporary toilet hire operators – to try to establish the source of the odour as soon as possible so that it can be resolved.


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