Sneak Peek of the Cultural and Civic Space (8 October 2020)

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Have you taken the chance to have a look at the development designs for the interior of the new Cultural and Civic Space?

It’s not easy to get the feel of a planned building across to everyone in the early stages, so this was an exciting moment. There has already been a lot of very positive feedback.

It’s important to try and think about what this building will mean for the city when it’s finished. Have you thought, for instance, about what will happen when the bypass is finally built? The Pacific Highway has for decades brought people right into the centre of the city, but once the bypass is in place, they won’t necessarily be coming in without a reason.

So it’s vital that we give people a reason to visit. Yes, we have a wonderful natural environment that does attract thousands and thousands of people here on holiday every year. But what if people are after more than that?

The Cultural and Civic Space will be a landmark destination that will give people a reason to turn off the Highway and enjoy a cultural and heritage experience they won’t find anywhere else.

If you haven’t seen them, go to our Newsroom website and take a look.

Virtual Tours of Museum and Gallery

And, talking of sneak peeks, have you had a chance yet to take a ‘virtual’ tour of the Regional Museum and Regional Gallery?

These are 3D tours, taken at your own pace, of the interiors of the current buildings and the collections that are currently on show.

It’s a really relaxing way of viewing our cultural treasures. Highly recommended.


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