COVID-19 Community Recovery Plan (8 October 2020)

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Bushfire Recovery outreach

In recent weeks, we have been working with different community sectors, via a series of roundtable discussions, to help build a community-based recovery plan that will assist us in coming out of the pandemic as successfully as we can.

Council has already taken action to support the community including:

  • the Local Business Support Plan announced in March;
  • a second phase of Financial Assistance in April; and
  • further support for community and sporting organisations in June.

Now we’re preparing a response and recovery plan to guide future actions at a local level – for now and in the coming months and years.

These discussions have been facilitated by a local Woolgoolga-based consulting firm and have looked at short, medium and long-term options. The focus has been very much based on working with the community to best understand their needs.

The roundtables have covered business and industry impacts, community and social impacts, and the needs of local households and individuals – particularly the most vulnerable members of the community.

It’s been really enlightening to hear what the community is saying and to hear what different parts of the community are most concerned about.

Interestingly there is strong recognition that it’s not just about Council working with the community, but it’s also about seizing the opportunities to leverage outcomes from the State and Federal levels of government to assist the community.

This work is about identifying what further actions we can take to ensure the local community comes out of this as well as we can.

I’m looking forward to seeing further positive progress.

Pictured is a Bushfire Recovery outreach session in Nana Glen.

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