Take a Look Inside the Cultural and Civic Space

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CCS Internal Street

The moment has come for a sneak peek inside our exciting new community asset, the Cultural and Civic Space.

The first glimpses of some of the spaces are starting to be revealed to give the community a better sense of what is being designed and created.

Coffs Harbour City Mayor Councillor Denise Knight said it was really exciting to be able to open up the design development work to our community.

“This is certainly shaping up to be a place of progress that we will all be very proud of.  Last week several Councillors received a design presentation from our architects BVN leaving an enormous amount of positivity in the room.

“This is about the future and giving Coffs people a modern, safe and central place to learn, hangout and be inspired.  It’s a lot more than you realise with something for everybody, 7 days a week.

“It is a key part of putting our city centre on the map especially beyond the bypass.  Having a landmark building such as this will give people that reason to turn off and take the Coffs exit.  Frankly it is what all great cities of Australia have.”

The first images to be shown are of the children’s area in the library at ground floor level and the internal street that flows through the building from one side to the other. More images will be released in the coming weeks as the 80% detailed design milestone is reChildren's Area of Libraryached.

The children’s area is vibrant and dynamic with a character of its own.  There will be different reading nooks and spaces for Storytime to capture and inspire the imaginations of our little Coffs people and their families.

The image of the internal street within the building is looking from Gordon Street through to Riding Lane. It shows the light-filled three-dimensional space with the library and other functions looking over into the central space, with a striking circular skylight. This urban passageway will provide free flowing access throughout the day and evening.

Coffs Harbour City Council General Manager Steve McGrath said we see this project playing a role in our COVID-19 response and recovery plans, providing a place for community to come together after the challenging times we have been living through.

“The Cultural and Civic Space will certainly bring more life to the city centre, providing safe harbour and a central location for the community to share and create local stories.  It will be another tourism drawcard where you can happily take and host visitors.

“This is progress and it is moving our city forward, everyone is welcome, it is made for this place and for people of all ages and business.

“What we have arrived at so far in the design is enthusiastic and passionate much like the community of Coffs.  The design is fundamentally about Coffs Harbour and the area, the landscape, climate, topography and demographics.

“We look forward to sharing more of the design development as it becomes available.”


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