A Bright Spot in COVID Shutdown (6 June 2020)

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Coffs Harbour skate park with lights.

There were some positive outcomes from the now-lifted COVID-19 restrictions on the use of playgrounds and skate parks – the chance to get some important upgrades done.

At Woolgoolga, local company Polished Concrete Concepts resurfaced the popular skate park and brand new lighting has also been installed at the Coffs Harbour skate park in Brelsford Park so that kids of all ages can now enjoy this facility every evening.

The lights are programmed to come on at dusk and progressively turn off from 9:30pm before turning off completely by 10pm. The new system allows for remote switching, as well as changes to the lighting schedule depending on the season. CCTV cameras have also been installed.

Most importantly, the new lights and cameras will help improve community safety in the Brelsford Park area, but they will also be very valuable for the hosting of local skate events.

The funding for these upgrades came from the Australian Government’s Safer Communities Fund. In July 2018, Council was awarded a grant of $900,000 from this grant program to install CCTV cameras and security lighting at City Square, Park Avenue Car Park, Park Avenue Lane, Toormina Oval, Skate Park and Velodrome.

All the works on the above have now been finished except for the installation of solar-powered lights for Park Avenue Lane. In another few weeks, there will be five solar-powered lights spaced down the laneway. When operational they will turn on automatically at dark.

Cost efficiencies during the completion of the initial projects meant that there were still funds available that meant we could use the remaining money to install safety lighting at the Community Village and the new lights and CCTV at Brelsford Park skate park.

The SafeCoffs project follows on from the work we completed at Park Beach in 2017.

In response to community concerns over anti-social behaviour in the Park Beach area, Council applied for grant funding of $584,082 from the Safer Streets Programme in 2016 to install six CCTV cameras, 53 new lights and also remove some vegetation that had also added to concerns over public safety.

These lighting and CCTV projects have been a great outcome for the community in general.

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