Please Stick to the Three Ps

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Thompsons Road rags blockage

While Council appreciates that toilet paper has become an issue lately due to some people’s behaviour over the Covid-19 virus, we would like to remind everyone to stick to ONLY flushing toilet paper down the loo.

“Toilets, household plumbing and the sewerage system are only designed for the three Ps – pee, poo and toilet paper,” said Mick Raby, Council’s Director Sustainable Infrastructure.

“Any alternatives to toilet paper such as wet wipes, paper towels, tissues etc could block your sewer pipes and lead to overflows of raw sewage in your home or yard – or your neighbour’s – and leave you with an expensive plumber’s bill and a big clean-up.

“Toilet paper is the only product designed to break down in our sewer systems. Even wet wipes described as ‘flushable’ should never be flushed down the toilet.

“Anything other than toilet paper can also block Council’s sewer mains and pump stations, which could potentially overflow into the environment polluting our local creeks and oceans, increasing public health risks and adding to the overall costs of operating our sewer system.

“Hopefully, the unfortunate hoarding that has been happening will start to calm down soon as supermarkets take measures to limit how many products people can buy and toilet paper will, once again, become easy to buy.

“If you are forced to use alternatives to toilet paper at this time, we would suggest that you treat them in the same way as nappies and hygienically dispose of them in your red-lidded bins.”

In the event of a sewer blockage at your house, please contact Council on 6648 4000. If the blockage is found to be in your household sewer plumbing, Council will advise you to engage a licenced plumber.

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