Bushfire Response – Council Gratitude and Support

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Council’s ongoing assistance and support for the bushfire-hit communities of Coramba and Nana Glen is to be reinforced after Coffs Harbour Mayor Councillor Denise Knight proposed further measures to help in a Mayoral Minute at tonight’s Council Meeting.

“As I’ve already said publicly, my heart goes out to all those whose lives, homes or businesses have been affected by the bushfires,” said Cr Knight. “Eighteen properties have been lost to fire within the local government area (LGA). To the people who have been directly and significantly impacted, especially around the Nana Glen and Ellems Creek Road areas, I’d like to say that I hope that you are starting to experience the assistance that is being made available by Federal and State Government agencies. I can assure you that Council will continue to do everything within its power to assist you to access that help and recover as soon as possible.”

The Mayor particularly thanked those who were on the front line facing the fires on November 12: “Our brilliant Rural Fire Service volunteers, led by an equally outstanding group of professional RFS, Forestry and National Parks fire leaders at the Coffs Harbour Fire Control Centre, have been on the job constantly since the beginning of August this year,” she said.

“On Tuesday 12th November they worked hard to save major parts of our LGA from burning. They have continued with that work ever since and have completed a protective 40 kilometre fire defensive line along the southern edge of the Liberation Trail Fire to our north. They have also begun similar work to halt the Ebor and Carrai East Fires from impacting the Bellingen area to our west.

“They are a remarkable group of people and we owe them all a debt of gratitude.

“I must also thank and acknowledge previously unheralded local community leaders, groups and volunteers who have appeared out of the ranks to rally their communities around those who need it.”

She also reminded the community that the danger was not over. The fire threat to the LGA on November 12 was significant and the conditions were unprecedented. Fires are still continuing to threaten communities beyond our immediate borders.

“Even while we help those who faced these recent fires I’d like to remind everyone that the bushfire season has many months to run and we mustn’t be complacent. Please make sure you have your Fire Plan ready, prepare your property and please keep yourself informed of any further risks in the coming weeks and months.”

The Mayor proposed and Councillors agreed that Council:

  • Note that Council had supplied more than 100 emergency loads of free potable tank water replenishment to fire affected households in the RFS mapped fire zones.
  • Actively promotes the ‘Rates, Charges and Fees – Financial Hardship Policy’, including payment arrangements (deferred payments) and the writing-off of interest, where applicable.
  • Works with Clarence Valley Council on a possible Blaze Aid camp at Glenreagh or Nana Glen.
  • Continues to work closely with the North Coast Regional Bushfire Recovery Committee to ensure all affected residents receive the assistance they require to recover from the event.
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