Airport Master Plan Update (19 October 2019)

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Coffs Harbour Regional Airport terminal building

Council recently resolved to put the Coffs Harbour Airport Master Plan Update 2019 out for public consultation for 28 days from October 16 until November 12 2019.

The Airport Master Plan is the key planning document for the management and operation of the Coffs Harbour Airport and contains information such as Aerodrome Planning and Standards, Traffic Forecasts, Development Concepts and Operational Requirements.

The Update has a planning period of 20 years – up to 2040 – to align with air traffic forecasts. It also takes into account relevant NSW regional strategic planning initiatives, Council’s own local strategic planning and future population projections for the Airport catchment. It is essentially a compilation of previous planning documents augmented and updated where changes have occurred, or where new information has become available. Key updates and changes include:

  • additional historical data included;
  • Enterprise Park development updated following approval of the subdivision in 2017;
  • 20 year planning horizon compared to 10 years previously;
  • all airport maps and plans have been redrawn and amended where necessary;
  • new 20-year independent air traffic forecasts included;
  • runway strength class reviewed and updated;
  • new plan to accommodate large aircraft for freight and/or other uses;
  • new terminal precinct development concept;
  • confirmation of next generation aircraft types as design aircraft; and
  • additional information, such as economic and regional significance of the airport, regional and statutory planning, environmental considerations and a review of future technologies.

One of the busiest airports in NSW

Coffs Harbour’s Airport is one of the largest and busiest regional airports in NSW and currently handles the second largest number of passengers flying to and from Sydney compared to other destinations within NSW.

It’s a facilitator of major economic activity for the city and people of Coffs Harbour by:

  • Providing for large aircraft, frequent, quality passenger services to and from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.
  • Facilitating a range of general aviation opportunities such as flying training, aviation medical services such as the Air Ambulance, private and commercial operators etc.
  • Providing for a range of other aviation and non-aviation related development opportunities.

If you’d like to take a close look at the Coffs Harbour Airport Master Plan Update and/or make a submission, you can see all the relevant information at

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