Watch Out – Koalas About!

4 years ago | by

Have you seen a koala recently? Its breeding season again on the Coffs Coast which means that koalas are on the move. Male koalas are looking for a mate, while the young from last year are leaving their mothers and dispersing. Typically this behaviour occurs from August to January which means that residents may see koalas moving around in spots they are not usually seen or they may hear the males bellowing.

While they are moving around, particularly when on the ground, they are more vulnerable to threats such as vehicle strikes, dogs and getting trapped in inappropriate places.

Council is asking the community to help out during breeding season by:

  • Reporting all sightings at
  • Immediately report a koala that is sick, injured or in danger to WIRES on 1300 094 737.
  • Always ensure your dog is under effective control, on a lead whenever in public places, and closely monitored when in off-leash areas.
  • Take extra care when driving near koala habitat especially on or after dusk.

‘We are very lucky to have a significant koala population in our Local Government Area. As a community we need to look after our koalas to ensure that they survive and thrive,” said Council’s Acting Section Leader Local Planning, Marcy Mills.

Council has commenced work on updating the Coffs Harbour Koala Plan of Management and current habitat mapping to assist in the long term survival of this iconic animal.

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