Middle Creek Catchment Flood Study Review

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Residents of Sawtell, Toormina and Boambee East, along with the wider community are being asked to give feedback on their experiences with flooding in the Middle Creek Catchment.

Council are currently reviewing the Flood Study and Floodplain Risk Management Plan in order to get a better understanding of flooding in the Middle Creek catchment.

“This review will improve the accuracy and resolution of Councils existing flood mapping by making use of recently available high resolution topographic data in conjunction with best practice flood modelling software,” said Marcy Mills, Council’s Acting Section Leader Local Planning.

In close consultation with the local community, BMT and Council will identify and assess a range of potential strategies to mitigate the impacts of flooding in the study area.

The outcomes of the review will improve the existing Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan, and will contain an appropriate mix of management measures and strategies, to help direct and coordinate the responsibilities of Government and the community in undertaking immediate and future flood management works and initiatives.

Information from the review will be used by the State Emergency Service (SES) during flood emergencies and will be used by Council to manage development in flood-affected areas.

Ms Mills said that Council would like to know about the community’s previous flood experiences in the catchment and any documentation that relates to these events.

“Council are also interested in the community’s opinion on what would be the best way to manage flooding into the future,” she said.

Flood management strategies may comprise individual measures or a combination of measures, according to the following classifications:

  • Flood modification measures, which typically involve structural works, such as flood protection levees, drainage system enlargements, flood detention basins or bypass floodways.
  • Property modification measures, which include flood planning controls to ensure that future development is compatible with flood risk, voluntary house raising and voluntary house purchase.
  • Response modification measures, which include emergency response management measures, flood warning, flood evacuation and community flood awareness and preparedness.

“With this information, we can work towards improving the safety of the local community and reducing the impact of flooding on private properties and community facilities,” added Ms Mills.

To be involved and have your say head to Council’s website haveyoursay.coffsharbour.nsw.gov.au The survey closes on Wednesday October 16, 2019.

Once community feedback has been received a draft Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan will be developed for consideration by Council.

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