Business Incentive Policy – Have Your Say

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Council have endorsed the exhibition of the draft revised Business Incentive Policy which aims to stimulate business development and growth across the Coffs Harbour Local Government Area (LGA).

The Business Incentive Policy was implemented in September last year to provide a holistic approach to support business investment and reinvestment in the regional economy, when the investment may not otherwise occur.

The policy provides a range of incentives to assist with developer charges and contributions arising from the development process.

“A review of the policy indicated that Council could offer better support to local businesses by replacing the high consumption (water and sewer) charge incentive with a direct concession or exemption toward the water and sewer developer contributions charge. This incentive specifically applies to change of use for commercial developments,” said Andrew Beswick, Council’s Director Business Services.

“The policy has represented significant savings of approximately $700,000 to local businesses in 2018/19. The proposed changes will offer even more support as businesses grow and develop,” added Mr Beswick.

“It is also estimated that 124 new jobs may be created, with the expectation that many contractors will also be engaged during the construction phase of developments.”

The policy will apply to any eligible business in the Coffs Harbour LGA. The draft revised Business Incentive Policy will be on public exhibition for a period of 28 days. You can read the draft policy, find out more and have your say by going to

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