Further Adjournment of 25 July 2019 Council Meeting

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At 11.00 am Coffs Harbour Mayor Councillor Denise Knight reconvened the 25 July 2019 Ordinary Meeting and at that time there were four Councillors present in the Council Chambers. With the knowledge that other Councillors were present in the Council’s Customer Service Foyer, the Mayor enquired whether any other Councillors would be joining the meeting. At 11.01am the Mayor in acknowledging the lack of a quorum, and in accordance with clause 5.11 of Council’s Code of Meeting Practice, announced the lack of a quorum and adjourned the meeting for thirty minutes.

At 11.31am the Mayor reconvened the meeting and at that stage four Councillors were present in the Council Chambers. The Mayor in announcing the reconvening of the meeting then made an announcement to ascertain whether any other Councillors were in the vicinity of the Council Chambers and wished to re-join the meeting. No other Councillors responded.

Given the continued lack of quorum for the meeting, the Mayor gave due regard to clause 5.12 of Council’s Code of Meeting Practice which states:

5.12        In either case, the meeting must be adjourned to a time, date and place fixed:

(a) by the chairperson, or

(b) in the chairperson’s absence, by the majority of the councillors present, or

(c) failing that, by the general manager.

Obviously, clause 5.12(a) of the Code of Meeting Practice provides for the Mayor to adjourn the meeting to a time, date and place of the Mayor’s choosing.

In this regard, Council’s Ordinary Meeting which commenced at 5.00pm 25 July 2019, adjourned at 6.59pm 25 July 2019, reconvened at 11.00am 26 July 2019 was formally adjourned to 5.00pm on 8 August 2019 in the Coffs Harbour City Council Chambers at the corner of Coffs and Castle Streets, Coffs Harbour.

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