Planning for Our Future

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Council have endorsed the North Boambee Valley (West) Urban Investigation Area following extensive community consultation.

The new urban release area will providing liveable neighbourhoods and associated infrastructure with the capacity to meet the needs of our growing population.

Allowing residential development to be undertaken in the North Boambee Valley (West) Urban Investigation Area is a result of Council’s decision to endorse a Planning Proposal, amendments to Council’s Development Control Plan 2015 and an associated Developer Contributions Plan for the area.

Council also endorsed the forward funding of essential infrastructure, including flood mitigation and road works to support the orderly residential development of the land. It is anticipated that all costs will be recovered through developer contributions over time.

“Council plans for and assists in delivering beautiful, liveable spaces and associated infrastructure across our LGA to meet the future needs of our community,” said Chris Chapman, Director Sustainable Communities.

“The North Boambee Valley (West) Urban Investigation Area is one of the last ‘greenfield’ residential development areas identified through Council’s 2008 Local Growth Management Strategy.”

“These changes will allow new residential development opportunities that are located close to essential services in Coffs Harbour, whilst protecting land with high environmental value and providing public open space for the community.”

The Planning Proposal will now be finalised by Council under delegation and sent to NSW Planning and Environment to be made.

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