Discussion Paper out for Feedback

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Coffs Harbour City Council is currently reviewing and updating its Local Growth Management Strategy (LGMS). The revised Strategy will outline how Council intends on planning for population growth over the next twenty years, whilst protecting valuable environmental and agricultural land and retaining neighbourhood character.

As part of this review, Council has prepared draft Chapter 5 Rural Lands to explore options to reduce land use conflicts in rural areas; and to provide a strategic approach to the management of rural lands within the Coffs Harbour Local Government Area.

This Chapter is accompanied by an Intensive Plant Agriculture Discussion Paper and an Intensive Plant Agriculture Land Use Overview Table that explores issues and options in relation to managing intensive plant agriculture.

The Intensive Plant Agriculture industry in Coffs Harbour has grown significantly over the past ten years.  The industry brings a recognised economic benefit to the community however can also involve a range of activities that can lead to land use conflicts. The Discussion Paper therefore identifies a range of options to reduce impacts from intensive plant agriculture, and to minimise land use conflict.

The options within the Discussion Paper include:

  • working with Industry and Government to achieve best practice in the intensive plant industry;
  • introducing planning controls;
  • improving education and awareness about this land use; and
  • undertaking further research into the impacts associated with this land use and available mitigation measures.

Feedback on the options within the Discussion Paper will inform the final Rural Lands Chapter of Council’s revised Local Growth Management Strategy.

You can find out more and make your voice heard at our Have Your Say from 4 April 2019 to 31 May 2019, where you can view draft Chapter 5 Rural Lands, Intensive Plant Agriculture Discussion Paper, and the Intensive Plant Agriculture Overview Table and provide your feedback.

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