Vital Strategy Needs Your Input

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Coffs Harbour Aerial- Coffs Coast

The first part of the draft Coffs Harbour Local Growth Management Strategy (LGMS) – a key document that will govern how we plan for population growth over the next 20 years while protecting valuable environmental, agricultural land and neighbourhood character – is going out for public comment from March 21 until May 10 2019.

This draft document sets out the introductory chapters of the overall LGMS. These chapters outline who, how and where growth will occur over the next 20 years. Further chapters about specific land uses are to be included in the overarching strategy and each will have a separate public exhibition process over the coming 12 months.

“The Coffs Harbour local government area is very special. It has a unique character which we all love and want to maintain. So it’s very important that, as we grow as a region, we don’t lose those qualities but enhance them instead,” said Coffs Harbour Mayor Councillor Denise Knight. “The aims of the draft strategy are to help manage development in a sustainable way by integrating new development within existing urban areas, retaining and enhancing the unique character of the region and its localities and minimising the expansion of existing urban boundaries.

“By planning so far in advance, we can protect and enhance the character and liveability of our communities, improve employment and educational opportunities, build the local economy and make efficient use of existing and future infrastructure. It has a vital role in shaping how our places will look and feel in the future. We’re all passionate about where we live, so for that reason, I urge you to give us your feedback so that your views can be heard,” she said.

The goal of the Local Growth Management Strategy is to provide a coordinated, strategic and planned approach to cater for growth in our local government area up to 2036. To enable this, the strategy:

  • looks at how and where projected population and employment growth are to be accommodated;
  • reiterates and builds on the MyCoffs Community Strategic Plan’s overarching vision for Coffs Harbour and establishes a broad place-making framework; and
  • highlights the land use strategies Council will use to inform detailed planning investigations and controls, including individual place manuals, the Local Environmental Plan and the Development Control Plan to guide future development.

Strategic urban growth areas that have the potential to accommodate growth in the future are also identified at a broad level, but are dependant on detailed investigations around constraints and infrastructure capacity.

You can make your voice heard by going to where you can find out more about the draft strategy and make an online submission, or mail your written submission to Coffs Harbour City Council, Locked Bag 155, NSW 2450. Submissions will be welcomed from March 21 until May 10 2019.


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