Onramp Graduates Ready to Launch

5 years ago | by

Twelve weeks ago ten budding founders took the first step towards launching their new enterprise with help from 6 Degrees program Startup Onramp.

On Thursday December 6, the graduates pitched their ideas to a panel of experts in order to win the assistance they need to take the next step toward launching their company and the winners were Susan Ferguson and Kim Burgess of TripaSista.

‘Startup Onramp’ is a training and mentoring programme that gives locals with great business ideas the skills, advice and networks they need to launch and grow their company. The group taking part in the program was diverse, working in industries from horticulture to travel, resource recovery to e-learning. They are each aiming to carve a niche in their specific sector,” said Fiona Barden, Council’s Section Leader Industry Destination Development.

“The Startup Onramp program provided the foundation for them to explore all aspects of their business including examining their ‘hair on fire problem’, fine tuning their value proposition and unpacking all their assumptions. Congratulations to Susan and Kim!”

Pictured are Judge Colin Kinner, Startup Onramp, Winning Co-Founder Susan Ferguson, TripaSista, Winning Co-Founder Kim Burgess, TripaSista, Judge Tony Stevens from Jobs for NSW and Judge Nanette Backhouse, SASO Creative.

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