Bulky Goods Update (GM Column 22 September 2018)

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Taking bulky goods to Englands Road

It’s been six months since the introduction of a new approach to dealing with bulky goods and the feedback we’re getting from our waste contractor is that there’s been a very healthy take-up of the new vouchers system.

I appreciate that there is still some support for the old, scheduled kerbside pickup from the community, but it’s worth bearing in mind that one of the primary aims of the new system is to increase our recycling rates from the bulky goods waste source.

Unfortunately, under the old system, the recycling rate was very low and the vast majority of waste collected was going straight into landfill. The volume of material entering the bulky goods stream had increased every year for the previous five years. By 2017 it was more than double what it had been in 2012.

But with this new way of doing things, we’re able to separate the waste much more effectively and we’re seeing a great deal more being diverted from landfill.

Another important point to remember is that all white goods, scrap metals, electronic waste and recyclables are always free to dispose of at the Englands Road Waste Management Facility seven days a week, all year round. This means you can save your vouchers for any non-recyclable bulky materials you may have.

It has been suggested that the change in the system will lead to more illegal dumping in bushland, but in fact we’ve actually seen a reduction in bulky goods related dumping.

It’s always worth pondering why anyone would load up a vehicle to dump bulky goods when they could simply drive to Englands Road instead?

We also used to get high numbers of complaints about unsightly piles of bulky goods littering the streets, but these have now decreased dramatically.

Our community has long embraced recycling – and gained a statewide reputation for excellence as a result. If we continue to work together to avoid and reduce waste, increase recycling and divert waste from landfill we will make a big difference in the long run.

To find out more about the bulky goods system – and any other waste questions – take a look at the Coffs Coast Waste Services website at www.coffscoastwaste.com.au

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