Celebrating Local Government Week (Latest Mayors Column 4 August 2018)

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This week is Local Government Week and it’s a great time to take a closer look at what we do – you may be surprised!

Being a council is not all roads, rates and rubbish. The diversity and breadth of what we do goes far beyond the three Rs and is often overlooked.

We’re a big part of your lives and look after everything from roads, waste, your water supply and sewerage services, libraries, building and development, the renowned C.ex Coffs International Stadium and the other 46 sports grounds.

Plus there are our Lifeguards who operate all year round at Park Beach, we test water quality and do food safety checks, we run the Regional Airport, Museum, Gallery, Theatre, Community Village and Botanic Gardens and we look after all the parks, gardens and playgrounds.

Economically we promote the region to help build tourism and attract people to come here to live and work. At the same time, we’re very successfully supporting local startups and entrepreneurs through the 6 Degrees programme.

We offer a range of grants to help local groups or organisations build new community facilities, run arts events or programmes and help the environment.

You even register your dogs and cats with us.

We are here 365 days of the year working for you. We are not just the level of government most closely connected with our communities – we are part of those communities and care deeply about them.

Your elected members – the Councillors – are your voice and the eyes and ears of the community who work very hard on your behalf.

People engage with their local councils for all sorts of reasons, every day of the year. We don’t always get it right, but we always aim to do our best.

Local Government Week is a great opportunity to explore all the ways that your council is a part of your community. Check out our website at www.coffsharbour.nsw.gov.auExplore and get to know Coffs Harbour City Council. Now is a great time to find out how you can become more involved with what we do and what your council has to offer.

Maybe even think about volunteering with us at one of our facilities or events?

Come on, we all love Coffs – let’s work together to make us even more fabulous!


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