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Clean Bin Project still

Just a few years ago would you have thought that Australia’s biggest supermarkets would abandon single use plastic bags? But popular opinion and people power led to change.

The realisation that our oceans are suffocating under a blanket of plastic waste was instrumental in making that change – and the Jetty Memorial Theatre is showing two FREE award-winning films next month, as part of the local Plastic Free July campaign – that show us how we can all help continue to change our habits for a better world.

‘Clean Bin Project’ follows partners Jen and Grant as they go head-to-head in a competition to see who can swear off consumerism and produce the least garbage. Their light-hearted competition is set against a darker examination of the problem of waste. They compete against each other, but are both conscious that the eventual winner will be the environment.

The French/English documentary ‘Tomorrow’ sets out to showcase alternative and creative ways of looking at agriculture, economics, energy and education. It offers practical solutions for changes on a local level that can make a difference on a global stage. The documentary has an optimistic approach and the message is – start small to grow big and write a new ending for the generations to come.

  • ‘Clean Bin Project’ is screening on Wednesday, July 11, at 6pm. FREE entry, book via the Our Living Coast
  • ‘Tomorrow’ is screening Friday, July 13 at, 7.30pm. FREE entry, book via the Our Living Coast

Both screenings will be accompanied by exciting food trucks including the Palmetto – serving up delicious deep south Carolina pulled pork BBQ sliders, Texas Bowls o’ Chilli and Cheddar Corn Waffle.

And for dessert? Think warm brownies and hot chocolate (white choc too!) from the sweet food truck vendor.

The trucks will be open for business an hour before each screening.

To find out more about Plastic Free July visit

‘Clean Bin Project’ Trailer:

‘Tomorrow’ Trailer:

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