Bypass Bonanza! (Mayor’s Latest Column – 12th May 2018)

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Finally! Finally! The news we’ve waited decades to hear – the Federal Government has pledged its share of the funding needed to make the Coffs Harbour Bypass a reality.

I was thrilled when I got a call from ABC Sydney at 6am on Monday morning telling me that the government had confirmed that the $971m funding was to be announced in this budget.

We have waited a long time for this. It goes to show what we can do when all levels of government work together – and with a 72,000 strong community army behind us.

Successive councils – on the community’s behalf – have called for this for decades. Most recently it was a huge part of the feedback we got through the MyCoffs Community Strategic Plan consultation.

Being able to take that evidence of the community’s focus on the bypass – in the form of black and white feedback – to the Deputy Prime Minister and others at meetings in Canberra lately has been very important.

The NSW Government has been investigating a Coffs Harbour Bypass since 2001. Their preferred route was announced in 2004 and the concept design report was published in 2008. In 2015, they pledged $200m towards the Bypass and, finally, we’ve now got the necessary funds from the Feds.

No more delays. We’ve got the money, let’s see this happen.

This is what the Coffs Harbour community wants, it’s what the community needs and it’s what the community deserves – and you all deserve massive thanks for your unwavering support for a Bypass.

Sculptures that Tell a Story

I am sure many of you will have seen and enjoyed the large-scale sculptures at the Jetty Foreshores. Each of the artists – Brentyn Dugnan, Emma Louise Davies and John van der Kolk – has expressed their response to this iconic space in really interesting ways.

Sculpture was always an important and integral component of the whole Jetty4Shores experience. The Jetty4Shores Project is all about celebrating our special identity as the community of Coffs Harbour and each component – whether it’s the walkway, the ramp and steps, the marketplace or the public art – is all about connecting us to our environment and enriching our enjoyment and sense of wellbeing.

I love the way that all the artists involved have given us a unique view of the way they connect to the jetty foreshores. It’s wonderful.


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