Improved Service for New Business

6 years ago | by

Council have agreed to partner with Service NSW in the Easy to Do Business program to streamline the processes of opening a new business for those in the cafe, restaurants and small bars sector.

Easy to Do Business was started by the Department of Premier and Cabinet, Service NSW and the Office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner to encourage investment in small business. The initiative focuses on coordinating and navigating through the various government approvals required by a new business owner.

The current process requires new businesses to deal with 13 agencies, including Council, and to complete 48 forms. This will be replaced by the Service NSW digital platform which includes upfront information regarding what is required by a potential new business owner from all of the approval authorities, including Council and includes a single digital form to replace the existing forms.

A business concierge service, via a single phone number, is also provided to support customers through the process.

Benefits of the partnership include, improved support and a single source of information for target businesses, reduced duplication, streamlining of the processes associated with opening and growing a business, and improved quality of information provided to Council, helping to reduce processing and assessment times.

The intention is to expand beyond the cafe, restaurants and small bars sector to other designated subsectors of the business economy in the future.

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