Jetty Foreshores – More to Come (Latest GM Column 10 March 2018)

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Since it was opened last October, Council has received a barrage of positive feedback on the new plaza, market and events space, accessible amenities, boardwalk, ramp and steps that comprise the main focus of the Jetty4Shores Project.

As the Mayor predicted at the official opening, it has proved to be a real game changer for the city and has surprised and delighted both locals and visitors.

Prior to the most recent works – Stages 2-4 – we had also opened the Walkway which created a new statement entrance into the precinct that linked directly with the historic jetty. That Walkway also brought to life – through design and interpretive signage – much of the Aboriginal heritage and industrial history of the area.

As many of you will recall, the works we’ve undertaken through the Jetty4Shores Project were the result of a long period of vigorous community consultation that Council began in 2013. The Jetty4Shores Project specifically concentrated on the entrances to the foreshores and the high use public areas.

Council undertook that consultation, and the subsequent revitalisation works, in our role as Corporate Manager of the Coffs Coast State Park Trust, which covers the foreshores area. Control of the foreshore as a whole lies with the NSW Government through its Crown Lands division.

More recently, the NSW Government has established a project group of government department representatives and key stakeholders – the State Government Project Control Group – to look at the future of the entire foreshore precinct.

Last month the NSW Government announced that it would be undertaking a fresh engagement process with the community. It is anticipated that this broad, inclusive and transparent process will gather all manner of ideas from the community with a view to establishing a future vision for the foreshore precinct.

We understand that the process is being designed to put the community at the centre of the decision-making process.

Council supports this approach and is looking forward to participating – along with the community – in the State Government’s consultation on this very important part of the city.
You can put forward your views and find out more about the consultation here –

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