Queen’s Baton Relay – Three Days to Go

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QBR Itinerary

On February 1 the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) Queen’s Baton Relay will arrive and be celebrated in Coffs Harbour.

Coffs Harbour Mayor Councillor Denise Knight said it is thrilling to welcome the Queen’s Baton to Coffs Harbour.

“The Queen’s Baton Relay is bringing the excitement of the Gold Coast Games right to our doorstep.

“I encourage everyone to make the most of the opportunity. Come out and see the Queen’s Baton, join in the festivities and cheer on our own local legend batonbearers.”

There will be family fun entertainment at both the Jetty Foreshores and City Square from 4pm. The Baton will arrive spectacularly at the Foreshores at 4.40pm and leave at 4.55pm to travel with the batonbearers along Jordan Esplanade and Harbour Drive to City Square. It is due to arrive at City Square at 5.30pm, carried by Mark Donaldson VC, and its arrival will mark the start of a Community Celebration.

Information on the route and the batonbearers carrying the Queen’s Baton can be found at gc2018.com/qbr

The GC2018 Queen’s Baton Relay is the longest in history, travelling a record 388 days and 230,000km around the world. In Australia, the Queen’s Baton is navigating 40,000km, travelling through every state and territory for 100 days. The Gold Coast Games will be held from April 4-15. They will be the biggest event to be staged in Australia in a decade.

Relay schedule

  • 04:13 PM Liam Carruthers
  • 04:55 PM Michael (Mick) Maley
  • 04:57 PM Michael McGavigan
  • 05:00 PM Harry Menzies
  • 05:02 PM Jim Woodlock
  • 05:05 PM Steel Beveridge
  • 05:07 PM Richard Taffs
  • 05:10 PM Paul Bartholomew
  • 05:12 PM Peter Webster
  • 05:15 PM Peter Kimber
  • 05:17 PM Michael Crossland
  • 05:20 PM Glyn Williams
  • 05:22 PM Tex O’Grady
  • 05:25 PM Tom Strickland
  • 05:27 PM Catherine Walls
  • 05:30 PM Coffs Harbour Community Celebration


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