Award Success Highlights Safety Culture (Latest GM Column 18 November 2017)

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John Pearce with NSW SafeWork Award

Council recently celebrated the success of Works Supervisor John Pearce who won the 2017 Award for ‘Best Individual Contribution to Workplace Health and Safety’ at the SafeWork NSW Awards, the premier safety awards in New South Wales.

John modified a lowering device for use in Council’s cemeteries which reduces the need for manual handling by about 90 per cent and removes the necessity to physically push a trailer that can weigh up to 300 kilogrammes. It will benefit both Council staff and funeral company employees.

Not only did John demonstrate excellent innovative thinking, but he has made a great contribution to improved safety and reducing the risk of workplace injuries.

This is particularly special as the Award recognises an employee who has made a significant contribution to workplace safety, but doesn’t actually have formal responsibility for work health and safety management as part of their duties.

As an organisation, Coffs Harbour City Council places a premium on safety at all levels. We are committed to providing a workplace that ensures the health and safety of our workers and visitors and is dedicated to continuous improvement in our health, safety, environment and quality performance.

Preventing injury and illness is our top priority. Every member of Council is encouraged on a daily basis to place safety first and to think about ways we can improve safety in the way we work – very much as John did.

Here at Council we recognise contributions and accomplishments in work health and safety by promoting innovation and continuous improvement. As part of this we have an internal staff awards programme where ideas such as John’s device can be showcased.

In addition, we encourage staff to take part in prevention programmes that focus on personal health and wellbeing.

By promoting an overall culture of safety and continuous improvement we are helping to ensure the safety of staff, the environment and the community.

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