Improved Bulky Goods Collection Service to Start in 2018

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From early next year, Coffs Harbour’s scheduled kerbside bulky goods collections are to be changed in favour of a new system that will improve street amenity and maximise material recycling, while still allowing residents to dispose of unwanted bulky items.

From March 2018, residents – tenants as well as owner-occupiers – will be able to apply for two vouchers per property each year that will allow them to dispose of certain household bulky goods items at the Englands Road waste facility for free.

Alternatively, anyone who would prefer their bulky waste picked up from their homes for disposal will be able to book-in and pay for a collection service (available up to twice a year). Both types of disposal are available for each property on an annual basis.

The new services, which only apply to those properties that already pay the Domestic Waste – Occupied Land Charge, will be provided by the Coffs Coast Waste Service (CCWS) collection contractor, Handybin Waste Services.

“The old scheduled kerbside service was subject to a high number of complaints and problems, which is why we’ve taken the opportunity of the start of the new CCWS contract with Handybin to bring in a better way of doing things,” said Mick Raby, Council’s Director Sustainable Infrastructure.

“In the past there have been many instances of unsightly and unsuitable rubbish being put out on the street weeks in advance of the set collection date for the old bulky goods kerbside service. With the new voucher self-haul or paid-for collections we will avoid piles of rubbish spoiling the look of the area.

“We had also noticed that a lot of waste put out for the kerbside bulky goods collections was recyclable material. By having a more individual approach, we’re expecting to be able to divert even more reusable or recyclable goods away from landfill.”

Ahead of the new services coming in in March 2018, Council would like to hear the community’s views on the proposed fee for the optional paid-for collection service.

“We’re currently looking at a fee of $44 per compliant pick-up,” said Mr Raby. “This is a subsidised amount as disposal attracts other costs including the NSW Government’s ‘Waste Levy’ of $79.60 per tonne of waste to landfill.

Anyone wishing to learn more about the improved system, or make a comment on the proposed fee for the optional paid-for collection service, can go to

The fee consultation will be open from Monday, November 13, until Monday, December 11.

Note: The current three-bin domestic waste kerbside collection service will continue.

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