One Well, Many Raindrops

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Ancestral Ring - Nisar Ali Yaqubi

The stories of migrant and former refugee students from Orara High School feature in the latest exhibition at Coffs Harbour Regional Museum – ‘One Well, Many Raindrops’ – which runs until January 27, 2018.

“It showcases a rich tapestry of stories by 19 students who came to Coffs Harbour as refugees and migrants, told through the objects they have brought with them,” said Jo Besley, Museum Curator. “Visitors will experience the memories and stories of these courageous young people and learn why people from a number of diverse communities now live in Coffs Harbour.”

Told through the voices of the students, personal artefacts, photographs, storyboards and films, the exhibition explores the global issues and events that force people to leave their homes and embark on, often, terrifying and life-threatening journeys to safety.

The 19 participating students are part of the English as an additional language or dialect (EALD) programme at Orara High.

As well as having the opportunity to talk about their own journeys, the students have learned how objects and artworks have historical, social, aesthetic and scientific significance and can be used to tell stories and raise awareness of history and culture.

Many of the objects on display have been borrowed by the students from family, friends and members of the community.

“These objects may be simple, but they are important carriers of meaning – holding memories and feelings about friends and family, journeys and the experiences of settling in a new home,” added Ms Besley.

“They also provide insights into why people seek asylum or migrate to other countries. It’s a very effective way of giving global issues a human face.”

Coffs Harbour Regional Museum is located at 215 Harbour Drive and is open Tuesday to Saturday, 10am – 4pm.

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