Irresponsible Pet Owner Charged After Dog Attacks

6 years ago | by

Coffs Harbour City Council is reminding dog owners of their responsibilities in light of this week’s dog attack conviction.

A  Woolgoolga man was sentenced in Coffs Harbour Local Court after he pleaded guilty to allowing his dog to roam uncontrolled on a public place, resulting in two separate attacks.

The first attack occurred in November 2015 when the dog escaped its residence and attacked another dog and its owner on Woolgoolga Beach, causing serious injury to the other dog.

The second incident occurred on Pollack Esplanade in Woolgoolga in February 2016, where again the dog, which was described as a Pitbull Cross, escaped and savaged a woman and her dog. This incident resulted in serious injury to both the woman and her German Shepherd.

In sentencing the offender the Magistrate commented on the seriousness of the offence and noted that the offending dog has since been destroyed.

The offender was fined $2,400 for the dog attacks, and was required to pay a total of $2,191 in compensation to victims and $800 towards Council’s professional costs.

“It is unacceptable for pet owners to allow their pets to roam uncontrolled in our community.  The consequences of irresponsible behaviour by pet owners can be devastating should your dog be involved in an attack.

Council takes reports of dog attacks very seriously and we will punish irresponsible pet owners to the full extent of the law to ensure community safety,” Said Robert Percival, Section Leader Compliance and Regulatory Enforcement, Coffs Harbour City Council.

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