Opportunity Offered at Foreshores Site

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A potential opportunity for the iconic site formerly occupied by the Deep Sea Fishing Club to be run as a going concern on a three-year lease has been made available after Council, as Corporate Manager of the Coffs Coast State Park Trust, agreed to a proposal to put out an expression of interest on a short-term basis.

“Although Council, in its role as Corporate Manager of the Trust has agreed to the short-term lease proposal, any subsequent Expression of Interest (EOI) we draw up will still need to be approved by the Department of Lands – Industry,” said Andrew Beswick, Council’s Director Business Services.

Council, as Trust Manager, also agreed to start drafting an EOI for the long-term use and/or development of the site, which will need to reflect the future strategic direction of the foreshores.

The future strategic direction is currently being developed by a NSW Government-initiated group – the Coffs Harbour Jetty Foreshores Precinct Project Control Group (PCG) – which brings together a range of government agencies that have an interest in the Jetty Foreshores location.

The PCG is taking a multi-agency, ‘whole of Government’ approach to the broad strategic direction of the Port of Coffs Harbour and is a strong indicator that the Foreshores are a high priority location for the State Government.

The Trust will need to consult with the Group to ensure that the approach taken in the long-term EOI is consistent with the wider strategic direction of the location.

“Undertaking the long-term EOI process will enable the Trust to ascertain the full potential for the site and determine the location’s highest and best use,” said Mr Beswick. “The EOI would then inform a competitive tender process (either select or open) as per the requirements of the NSW Government.

“The long-term lease EOI will also allow us to include items such as opportunities for community groups and clubs to retain access to any redevelopment undertaken on the site – for example, the new facility could be required to provide a ‘home base’ for a recreational fishing-focussed club or incorporate cultural or heritage facilities for use by the community.”

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