MyCoffs Community Plan

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MyCoffs is a term I believe you will have become very familiar with over the last seven months.

In that time, there has been a very diverse and comprehensive community engagement campaign that has included social media, art and photography competitions, the MyCoffs – Big Picture community forum and specific, topic-related workshops.

So what is this all about? The result of the MyCoffs campaign will be the creation of a Community Plan that captures the long-term aspirations of the Coffs Harbour community.

It will be a blueprint for the future that tells us what is important to the Coffs Harbour community, where we should be collectively pooling our energy and our resources, plus it will be a guide for decision-making about any issues that will impact Coffs Harbour.

It is worth bearing in mind that MyCoffs is about much, much more than Council services and facilities. For a lot of the topics, like health and education, Council can only play a very limited role. The resulting MyCoffs plan will be a community plan and the entire community – including the business sector and all levels of government – is expected to play a part in helping to implement its strategies and achieve its objectives.

Having said that, Council’s own approach to future strategies, resourcing, services and facilities is wholly guided by MyCoffs. First and foremost, the final plan will entirely direct our future Delivery Program – the four-year strategy that demonstrates how we will meet the community aims contained in MyCoffs.

I hope this has helped underline just how important it is to make your voice heard in the MyCoffs process. You can find out more by going to or keep an eye open for the draft MyCoffs Plan, which is due to go on exhibition in May.

It’s your future, make sure you have a say.

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