Target Tossers and Keep Coffs Clean

7 years ago | by

Council is supporting the NSW Environment Protection Authority’s current Report a Tosser campaign urging people to report littering from vehicles.

The campaign is part of a comprehensive ‘Report to EPA’ NSW State Government anti-littering programme aiming to deter people from littering from vehicles by increasing the likelihood of being seen, reported and fined.

Since February 2015, more than 19,000 people across NSW have registered with ‘Report to EPA’ to Report Tossers littering from vehicles, over 25,000 reports of littering from a vehicle have been made and more than 16,000 fines have been issued by the EPA.

According to the EPA’s figures, in Coffs Harbour there are currently over 60 people registered to report littering and, in the past year, 44 reports of littering from vehicles have been made.

The EPA can issue fines of $250 for an individual and $500 to a corporation for littering from a vehicle, based on reports from members of the public.

You can get on board by going to the NSW EPA website – – and registering to Report Tossers littering from vehicles.

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