Local Legends Wanted

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Now is the time to nominate a local legend to be a batonbearer to carry the Queen’s Baton as it travels through Coffs Harbour on its way to the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

Last weekend, the Baton started its 388-day, 230,000 kilometre journey from Buckingham Palace carrying a special message from the Queen towards its final destination – the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony on the Gold Coast on 4 April 2018.

Before it gets there, it will travel through 70 countries until it arrives in Australia on 25 December 2017. Then the Baton will travel for 100 days to connect with as many people as possible in every state and territory.

Eventually, the eyes of the Commonwealth will be on Coffs Harbour on 1 February 2018 when the Baton arrives for a special journey through the city.

But the best bit is that you – or a local legend you nominate – can be a part of this historic occasion. The Queen’s Baton Relay is a rare opportunity to shine a light on the people and places that help make our community truly great.

The community nomination program is now open and offers the Coffs Harbour community and the surrounding region the opportunity to carry the Baton. Even if you’re not a batonbearer, you can still be a part of the journey by being there to cheer the batonbearers on the day.

Until 15 May 2017, anyone can nominate a person who inspires them to be great. Nominations can be made at https://www.gc2018.com/qbr​

Batonbearers should be people who:

  • Have achieved something extraordinary or inspired others to achieve something extraordinary; or
  • Have made a significant contribution to either sport, education, the arts, culture, charity or within their community; or
  • Have excelled, or aspire to excel athletically or personally; or
  • Contribute to a fun, friendly, vibrant and inclusive community;
  • Are at least 10 years old as at 25 December 2017; and
  • Is an Australian citizen or lawfully entitled to reside in Australia during the Relay period (25 December 2017 – 4 April 2018).​
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