Water System Security Guaranteed

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A pipeline that will ensure the future security of Coffs Harbour’s water supply has been completed on time and within budget.

The new Water Trunk Main connects Karangi Dam to the distribution system which supplies water to homes and businesses from Sawtell to Corindi.

“The new water main duplicates the existing water main, which was previously the only supply for the network’s distribution system. That main is over 35 years old and, although it continues to work well, is more vulnerable to issues as time goes on,” said Mick Raby, Council’s Director Sustainable Infrastructure.

“The community can now be confident that we can provide a safe supply well into the future.”

The new Trunk Main involved the construction of more than five kilometres of pipeline from Karangi Dam to the Red Hill Balance Tank. It was a complex project that involved under bores beneath the North Coast Railway Line, Wongiwomble Creek and Coramba Road.

The new pipe also crossed several rural properties, plus locations of Aboriginal cultural heritage significance. Council worked closely with the Aboriginal community and landowners to ensure the works were carried out in accordance with all requirements.

The original pipe will remain the primary supply route, but both pipes can be run simultaneously if necessary, or the supply can be switched from one to the other.

Running the pipelines together can improve the water flow, minimising the pumping and energy costs.

The completed project is part of the Coffs Harbour Water Supply Strategy and Council’s Operational Plan and its completion now provides a more secure water supply that will meet the needs of current and future water users within the communities of Coffs Harbour.

The project was designed and project-managed by Council’s Strategic Asset Management team and all trench-laid pipework and associated works were built by Council’s Coastal Works crews.​


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